Spiritual Awakening Guidance



If you are on a spiritual journey in your life then this reading is for you 🙂

If you have been having spiritual awakening signs that you find hard to understand i can give you guidance for that.
Or if you would like to know where your spiritual path is currently going.. or would like to know how to improve your spiritual awakening.

Please send me your questions and your picture (Optional) .
Please be specific with your question. If your question is vague then your answer will be vague. The more detailed the question the better your reading will be.

I then will send you a written reading about a spiritual questions of your choice (excluding legal and medical questions). Feel free to give me as much or as little detail as you would like. For your reading i will use Angel Oracle deck together with my insight.

I get Hundreds Of Messages Per Day So Some Pass Me By So If I Don’t Respond Right Away, Do Not Rush to Give Me A Bad Review Or Freak Out If Your Reading Is Not Ready Right Away, I Will Be Getting To Everyone In Priority Sequence , If Your Purchase After Shop Hours Don’t Worry It Will Be Ready The Following Morning Apprx,

Disclaimer: By purchasing this reading you agree to take full responsibly for all actions or decisions you may or may not make as a result of this reading. I or anyone associated with Lady Temptress will not be held liable for any such actions. You also agree that this is for entertainment purposes only and not a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice. By purchasing this reading you are saying you are 18 years and older.