Negative Energy Removal Spell


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After your purchase i will contact you through your email.


I have studied this type of phenomena for over 15 years and have dealt with, and have resolved many issues of this type. People have felt much better after my spells and noticed a difference and change in their energy field.

This casting is a white magic casting, therefore there are no negative ramifications or bad karma associated with it!
It is a blend of energy manipulation and redirection, herb burnings, candle magick, meditation and chantings!

✨Are your spells guaranteed to work? There are no guarantees in magick. Any practitioner, sorcerer, or witch who takes their craft seriously will tell you the same.

✨How long does it take for your rituals to work? Rituals usually manifest between three days and three months depending on your situation and what the angels or demons see fit. Negative energy removal usually works immediately.

( most of the time you will need to complete a task to help the process along…i will inform you on what these instructions are )

I will perform in one day, results may take up to 3 days. After this spell i will contact you on your email. Nothing will be shipped out, it will be sent directly here.

Note: Nothing is going to be shipped to you physically, No pictures/videos are sent as the work is done where no photography is allowed.

Disclaimer Notice:
**As a reminder, that even though these readings and sessions can be accurate at times, that this service is for “Entertainment Purposes” only**