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Hello beautiful souls! They call me Lady Temptress. I am a witch and clairvoyant who has been doing readings for people since I was a little and now for many years. I’ve always loved helping people, whether it be physically or spiritually. I hope you find the answers to your questions in my readings. 🙂 You have the Question, but the Spirit has an answer.. I simply relay the message. My entire goal is to help shed light on your questions with honest answers, insight, and/or guidance. I do not sugar coat my readings and provide truth only, so purchase only if you are ready. It’s truly a joy and pleasure of mine to do these readings for you so your readings will always be infused with love. Let’s connect! I will give you a professional level Tarot reading from the classic Rider Waite Deck.I find that the Rider Waite Deck is the most trustworthy deck and I have grown to see the cards as most insightful over the years.

🔮Please ask one question on any aspect of your life. Money, Love, Travel, Spirituality, Career… My Readings are in detail and not in short. They are accurate and many times have manifested into reality. Note that however your free will, and choices will play a big part in your future.

🔮Or just ask for a general reading. I find a general reading to be the most telling as it is in no way guided by the reader or the read. You can ask me any question and I will use my intuition along with tarot and oracle cards.

🔮I need name and optional photo.

🔮Disclaimer: My readings are based on the current energies during the time of the reading. The future is free-will and you have the power to change it at any time.

Thank you for looking at my listing.💝