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It is true life comes without a manual but your dreams are your cheat code! Dreams sometimes are a subconscious collection of repressed impulses manifested as nightmares or good dreams. Other times, dreams are messages from your spirit guide to help you prevent critical errors and thus achieve your purpose. Nightmares are not the only type of dreams that convey warning to us, sometimes good dreams or seemingly good dreams do as well.

I will analyse and interpret every aspect of your dream and equip you with this knowledge so you wont be blindsided unpredictable circumstances.

I promise the utmost confidentiality. Share your dream, and get the ease of mind by understanding its meaning.

Get the meaning of your dream before it fades away from your memory. Be prepared for your destiny that you’re dream is telling you about..

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Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse service upon purchase. While this is rare if it does happen a refund will be given. You must be 18 years of age or older. For entertainment purposes only. Any advice / guidance, it is not a substitute for professional advice that you would receive from a licensed professional such as a doctor psychologist or lawyer. With that being said I am unable to advise on legal or medical issues Aka health issues pregnancy, conception or question such as when or will i have children, or other health problems. I do not do lottery reading I also do not do yearly monthly or weekly predictions. I also do not do spirit guide readings

*** Readings are for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any actions taken from your reading.


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