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Hello beautiful souls! They call me Lady Temptress. I am a witch and clairvoyant who has been doing readings for people since I was a little and now for many years. I’ve always loved helping people, whether it be physically or spiritually. I hope you find the answers to your questions in my readings. 🙂 You have the Question, but the Spirit has an answer.. I simply relay the message. My entire goal is to help shed light on your questions with honest answers, insight, and/or guidance. I do not sugar coat my readings and provide truth only, so purchase only if you are ready. It’s truly a joy and pleasure of mine to do these readings for you so your readings will always be infused with love. Let’s connect!

🔮Please ask Three Questions on any aspect of your life. Money, Love, Travel, Spirituality, Career…

🔮I need name and optional photo.

🔮Disclaimer: My readings are based on the current energies during the time of the reading. The future is free-will and you have the power to change it at any time.

Thank you for looking at my listing.💝 I get Hundreds Of Messages Per Day So Some Pass Me By So If I Don’t Respond Right Away, Do Not Rush to Give Me A Bad Review Or Freak Out If Your Reading Is Not Ready Right Away, I Will Be Getting To Everyone In Priority Sequence , If Your Purchase After Shop Hours Don’t Worry It Will Be Ready The Following Morning Apprx,

Disclaimer: By purchasing this reading you agree to take full responsibly for all actions or decisions you may or may not make as a result of this reading. I or anyone associated with Lady Temptress will not be held liable for any such actions. You also agree that this is for entertainment purposes only and not a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice. By purchasing this reading you are saying you are 18 years and older.