I believe that nothing is fated, and we all have the power to change the destiny. My cards can tell you the ending, but you will be the one who will write the story. We will explore the choices and possible outcomes and unfurl the ideal road-map to the future you want to create. If you are feeling blocked or stalled in your life, I can help you take the next step. If you are feeling like no one ever gives you the answer you’ve been looking for, I am often the one that delivers those long-awaited truths.All readings are 100% private, and your information will not be logged or stored anywhere. These readings are meant to be entertaining and helpful, and while I do not claim to be a professional psychic, I do have many years practice with cards, am highly intuitive and empathic, and enjoy helping people in all aspects of their life. Each woman in my family has practiced with the cards for generations. My aim is always to please and you can rest assured knowing that I will go above and beyond to deliver an amazingly accurate and introspective reading.

I was born in Latvia, living in Ireland. Witchery has been passed down within my family for Centuries. My ancestors have always been highly spiritual in nature. My path was chosen for me at birth. Using the knowledge that has been passed to me my life has been devoted to helping others find their own spiritual path in life. I am here to Help & Guide. To this day, I too, spend most of my time, traveling, in search for powerful haunted items, amazing artifacts, and learning from the environment around me. Growing up in a village I spent a lot of time with animals and of course my wolf was my best companion. I been in touch with the other side, since a young age and been passing messages to this day. I specialize in relationships, work, money, life in general and spiritual guidance.

Firstly, I am a Psychic which is someone who intuitively interprets energy and can provide accurate readings using tools such as tarot, runes, crystal ball etc. I am a Clairvoyant which means I have “Clear Vision”. I can see the past, present and future using the powers of the mind and third eye. I am also Clairaudient (I can hear spirit and have direct thoughts transmitted to me), Clairsentient (I can sense or physically feel spirit and energy) and Claircognizant (I simply have an inner knowing of certain information).